Starting Stats Weight 239lbs Mile Time 9m 59s Max Push-Ups 18/set I’ve thought of myself as overweight since I can remember. I immediately developed a bad habit of comparing myself to the kids who stuck to tee-ball, went on to baseball, and always seemed to eat whatever they wanted, staying slender and fit no matter… Read More

When I got married, my wife and I were so excited to start our life together. We were independent from our parents, we were finally allowed to stay indoors after curfew, we were excited to face the world — and we were slapped in the face by unexpected school expenses within a week or two,… Read More

In 3 Nephi 15, the Lord announces that the Law of Moses has been fulfilled in Him. He has accomplished all its requirements, and its performances in large part are done away. The law of Moses was a behavioral discipline. But we know that, as President Packer said, the gospel of Jesus Christ has greater… Read More

7:30 already? “Crap,” I exclaimed groggily as I stretched my protesting leg muscles beneath the tangled sheets. My roommate’s alarm clock sounded like canon fire from the bunk above my head. “Good morning,” he grumbled in his characteristic pseudo-drunk, pseudo-French accent (paying daily homage to his favorite movie, The Brothers Bloom). I returned the salutation in like manner… Read More

And we’re off! Today, I finally launched a Kickstarter project to help fund the online mandolin course I’m making. I’m so incredibly excited, and I would really appreciate any support that can be lent from anyone. Please check it out here: (Click the little “k” in the upper-left corner for more information.)… Read More

For me, the question of whether or not living a religious lifestyle benefits marriage can only be answered in the affirmative. I have seen many people I love struggle through and end their marriages when their previously-strong commitment to God waned; it seems that losing faith in Him starts people on the path of losing… Read More

Craig Israelsen’s 7Twelve: A Diversified Investment Portfolio with a Plan is an excellent read about a very well-thought-out investment portfolio. Dr. Israelsen named the portfolio “7Twelve” after its components: seven asset classes divided into a total of twelve funds. This, he said, is how an investor can gain investment breadth as well as depth. In… Read More

I’ve been enrolled in a family finance class for the past few months at Brigham Young University.  I can’t begin to say how important this experience has been for me; I know it’s vital to live within our means & to be wise in all things over which we are stewards, especially money. Here are a few… Read More

First, thank you for all your support so far! I’ve had a lot of visitors here and a few generous helpers, and you don’t know how much I truly appreciate it. Second, we have a few new shirt designs: Available here for $14.19.   This one’s available here, and at $12.80 is the least expensive option available so far.… Read More

I’m a college student right now, preparing to audition for the school of music in the coming months. My main instrument is the mandolin (of course!) and I’m working right now to raise money for a better instrument prior to my audition. As of now, I have a beginner-model Kentucky A5 that is great for… Read More