I’m a college student right now, preparing to audition for the school of music in the coming months. My main instrument is the mandolin (of course!) and I’m working right now to raise money for a better instrument prior to my audition.

As of now, I have a beginner-model Kentucky A5 that is great for practicing but not for performing, and I have my eyes on an F-5 which costs in the neighborhood of $3500. I figure just asking for all your money is tacky, so one of my friends and I are designing shirts to help raise funds.


Click here to buy the above-pictured F-5 mandolin shirt acousticarch

and here for the archtop guitar shirt.

More designs are on the way!

And if it’s all the same to you and you’re not terribly interested in a t-shirt, there is a secure PayPal “Donate” button in the side bar to the left. (This is a great option for you saints who are willing to help out but don’t want to shell out quite so much for the shirts.)

Thank you for all your help! Any little thing is appreciated.

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