The Richest Man in Babylon has become one of my favorite books. My dad traditionally gives it to each member of our family as we graduate high school, and I can see why: it’s exceptionally inspiring and teaches well many important financial principles. Its use of parables to teach these principles is something I find… Read More

Please excuse my likely cliché pick for a favorite thought, but President Monson said it best when he said (and has now frequently repeated) that “Decisions determine destiny.” So often we feel that we are being blown about by the winds of chance and tribulation, like we’re but objects in some weird cosmic toy box… Read More

What if we were men of our word? What if we accomplished everything we wanted to each day? What if we were punctual; would it really make a difference? What if we worked all day? What if we did so daily? What if we enjoyed working? What if we got satisfaction from earning each night’s… Read More